About Us

I started this organization as a way to inform the veteran community about strength sports and the benefit it could have upon one’s daily life.  In the military, I was taught that routine is key to building good habits; habits that one day could save your life in a hostile situation.  After 5 years of service, I was medically retired due to injuries I sustained overseas.  Eventually, I was diagnosed with combat PTSD, traumatic brain injury, post war anxiety and clinical depression. Upon exiting the military, I was prescribed 26 different medications to treat various symptoms of my injuries. 

12 of those medications were opioid based, leaving me feeling dependent on them to get through my day.  I felt as if I was in a haze; a fog that never lifted throughout the years.  I trudged to work, braved the day and traveled home only to get restless sleep throughout a night to repeat the process over again the next day.  It was no way to live.  One day I woke up and simply did not want to move.  I reflected that day on why I felt that way; called one of my fellow soldiers who recently separated and whom I knew was dealing with the same type of symptoms. I asked him what he was doing to cope.  He said “put down those pills, and get back in the gym”.  So I did.  I made fitness part of my routine.  I went when I was happy, sad, angry, anxious… In a little less than 2 months I stopped all medications and dedicated myself to focusing on fitness as my coping mechanism. 

Soon after, I began advocating to other veterans struggling with the transition and similar diagnoses; I urged them to do what I was doing.  One day, my buddy who was previously struggling, called me and said “you saved me man.”   I said “you saved you.”  I never did any of this for praise or notoriety, I only wanted to help others.  I felt an immense satisfaction from knowing I was making a difference; but I know my job wasn’t done.  So, I created Iron Resurgence.  It is a philosophy that anyone, not just veterans, can be reborn through strength.  One can be tested and brought to their absolute physical limit, but soon those limits will be increased, and a broken spirit can be forged into a purpose driven self.  I will continue to live by this philosophy, and help others realize their potential with the hope that others will charge forth this idea long after I am gone. 

“Through strength, I am reborn.”  - Iron Resurgence



US Army (RET) SSG Reeves, Jackson J.