True Motion Human Performance

Movement is the best medicine for both the body and the brain to stay healthy, and True Motion was founded with that fact in mind. We are a company that keeps the body moving and the mind sharp through various types of therapy and fitness. Between our team of chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists, we use the best tools in physical medicine to get our clients moving better than they ever have before, or build them back up after an injury. The same is true of our fitness team, as our trainers regularly take a role of a movement coach or neural coach, to take our clients through the most effective strength building and mobility routines possible to make better movers out of everyone that we work with. 

We are educators, always making sure that we teach those that we work with how to become self-sufficient, so that once their goal is reached they can count on us to keep them on track when they need it, but not depend on it. We work with everyone from the professional athlete in need of maintenance, the olympic weight lifter dealing with old injuries, the weekend warrior in need of better biomechanics, or the person that needs to learn better movement after multiple concussions. We give it everything we have to help your brain function in better coordination with your body, and create a lasting change that lets you focus on living your life and not living in pain.

Why we support Iron Resurgence

Our primary philosophy on health at True Motion is that movement is the best medicine. We partnered with Iron Resurgence not only because they get people moving with strength building as their primary tool, they move them towards an overall healthy lifestyle and away from the opioid epidemic that plagues so many veterans. The brain is the most powerful weapon we have, and through strength building, community building, and eliminating pain, the brain operates at its highest level. A healthy mind is a necessary cornerstone for a disabled veteran that is seeking out a better future. We are proud to sponsor Iron Resurgence, as our values align toward building a better life for those that have risked it all to ensure our freedom.