Pioneer Fitness / General Leathercraft, Inc.

TGeneral Leathercraft Manufacturing, Inc. was founded in Sidney, Nebraska in 1974 as the manufacturer of Pioneer Fitness Products, a line of top quality leather weightlifting belts and exercise accessories. In 1987, with the increase of industrial back injuries and a growing awareness of ergonomics, General Leathercraft Manufacturing Inc. launched Pioneer Safety Products, a division dedicated to the development of personal back support systems, as well as knee wrapswrist wrapselbow wraps and anti-fatigue matting. Through the years with the ever changing marketplace, Pioneer has developed a product line to meet everyone of our customers’ needs.  Everything from treadmill mats to competition power lifting belts, we are one of the leaders in the fitness industry and very proud to say that we sell U.S.A. made products.

In 1989 The corporate offices joined the factory in El Paso, Texas, where it continued to expand. In 1996 the entire organization relocated to a custom-built 10,000 square foot facility in central Texas, where we are still located today. This centralized location allows for quick and easy shipping to anywhere in the country or the world.

In 2012, General Leathercraft Manufacturing acquired TherapyZone Incorporated, a physical therapy and fitness accessory leader. We now consider ourselves a “Complete Wellness Business” and are here to help you from training to rehab. Our son recently started the 3rd generation here at General Leathercraft Mfg. and he looks to expand our production in the future.

General Leathercraft Manufacturing Inc. prides itself on using only 100% American made components for its products and sells under the Pioneer name as well as private labeling for a number of esteemed fitness and safety distributors world-wide.

Why we support Iron Resurgence

Anything and everything to help the men and women who fight for our freedoms is a good cause in my eyes. Without them, and their sacrifices, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to do what we do.


Spice Beast

The idea for Spice Beast was born from my inability to cook and the wanting to transform my poor eating habits. I was newly divorced and unable to feed myself beside take out, and dining alone was no fun, so it was easy to just order a pizza…..every day!

I wanted to be able to cook and eat clean but realized quickly that with no cooking skills, I kept eating the same bland meals. This clean eating stuff wasn’t going to last very long because I LOVE FOOD. Now food was my enemy and I hated eating clean and knew I couldn’t go back to who I was.

So I started dabbling in the spice aisle, and even tried some of those gourmet brands….yes I even used Flavor God (who ended up being my inspiration). Most of the stuff in the supermarket is filled with sugar, salt, or artificial fillers, and the gourmet brands just didn’t do it for me.

Alas, the Beast was born. 

Spice Beast was created so the guy like me can eat clean, have flavor, and not need a culinary degree.

Why we support Iron Resurgence

I am not a veteran or active duty, I chose a different path. The amount of respect I have for the people that willingly put their life on the line is unexplainable. To hear stories like Mr. Reeve’s crushes my soul. How can someone who gave all he had for us, not get it return. Not only are they not getting it in return, they are getting discarded. 

I would be proud to be a part of an organization that’s goal is to help repair what I feel is an obvious problem in our country, and to do it in the means of which they are doing it. This not only falls in line with my company’s message, but doing it through fitness and doing it ALL NATURALLY, is something that I stand behind 100%.


Hunter Seven

The issue was brought up in 2014 when I met my fiancé, an Army Iraq War Veteran who served from 2007-2008 in Iraq for 15-months. He told me about three of his friends who had died post-deployment, his best friend “Sully” from acute respiratory failure, his friend Shawn who died from AML and his SGM, Robert Bowman who died from a rare form of bile duct/liver cancer. SGM Bowman’s call-sign while in Iraq was HUNTER 7 – i.e. where our name comes from.

Because of this I began asking soldiers in my unit, asking friends, family, for pictures, stories, I began reading and looking into the who, what, where, why and how’s. In 2017 I began my academic medical research and formulated a 3-stage plan, conduct a literature review and formulate a hypothesis, create a survey based off of the current evidence and literature, conduct hard sampling testing to verify the statistical survey data and support the hypothesis.

After seeing how many veterans have been exposed in Iraq and Afghanistan, I decided with the help of a nursing professor/USAF LtCol OEF Flight Nurse and a PhD. Prepared Nurse that I would create “Hunter Seven” to provide a non-profit resource for veterans nationwide for services, information, assistance and as a hub to house information. Secondly, we began looking to change the law, H.R. 5671 and others related to burn pit exposures. We currently have the support from the State of Rhode Island Governors Office, the House of Reps and the RI State Senate.

Why we support Iron Resurgence

We as a team support the veterans’ health and promote health as our number one priority. The topic of substance use and overdoses in veterans is increasing and I personally believe this should be resolved in both a therapeutic and alternative means of treatment. Having the founder of IR being a veteran with service-connected issues and myself being a veteran exposed etc., I believe it provides us a “foot to stand on”. We also believe in fitness and healthy living, we are currently in partnership with Redcon1 supplements, a brand that focuses on more healthy, nonpharm methods of treatment, i.e. Fade Out – a sleep aid that focuses on melatonin and GABA. We believe Redcon1 would also be more than willing to get into a program like IR.


Micah Rupp
Branch: USMC (5 years) & USN (7 years)

What problems did you encounter when separating from the military? (If any)

Depression, anxiety, suicidal ideologies. When I moved into the civilian world I wasn’t able to make the transition mentally. I couldn’t maintain conversations with anyone that didn’t serve. I felt like everything I did lacked importance, because who cares if no one’s dying? Along with that, the only way to cope with the awful things you see is to justify them and make them funny. My sense of humor didn’t carry over to civilian life. I felt rejected by my own country. The country I had served and went to war for.

What does fitness mean to you?

Fitness is my therapy. I am however prescribed to take 60mg of Prozac daily, but when I’m training hard my brain doesn’t focus on the negative and I don’t feel like I need the meds. Sometimes I think of it as my version of cutting. I enjoy the pain that comes with it. The more pain, the more endorphins pump through me. Except this pain is making me a better version of myself.

The support that comes from peers in strength sports is also second to none. I have found myself cheering for the people I’m competing against. This is because the journey of strength is an individual battle. The people who seriously compete have different wiring in their brains. We’re all battling some kind of demon. So, we all want to see each other defeat our demons.

What does Iron Resurgence mean to you?

To me, Iron Resurgence is something that brings us together. The nature of the sports Iron Resurgence associates with takes the veterans away from the commercial gyms and into a different world. It brings us into a network of individuals who need an escape from their own heads. Even if it’s only for a little while. Iron Resurgence ultimately brings veterans the care we need and provides the same support we had with our brothers in arms. When one of us falls we can pick each other back up. Together we can veer away from being another statistic.


Rory Zavrid
Branch: USMC (4 years)

What problems did you encounter when separating from the military? (If any)

Social Anxiety, depression, Financial problems.

What does fitness mean to you?

To me fitness is all about getting out what you put in. There’s not a lot of things in life that have such an equal relationship. If you put in the work your body will change and I like that. 

What does Iron Resurgence mean to you? 

Taking charge of yourself and literally building who you want to be.


Russell Whittaker
Branch: US Army (5 years, 6 months)

What problems did you encounter when separating from the military? (If any)

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, traumatic brain injury.

What does fitness mean to you?

Fitness is my coping mechanism.  It is what I use to vent.  I can put my anger, frustration, or whatever I’m feeling on the bar and leave it there. It helps me keep things like my PTSD from affecting my personal life.

What does Iron Resurgence mean to you?

Iron Resurgence is a great organization because it’s all about Veterans helping Veterans and its proceeds go to another great organization that is researching some of the biggest problems that Veterans are currently facing. 


Clinton Sapowsky
Branch: US Army (6 years)

What does fitness do for you?

Fitness does everything for me,I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have the gym or strongman to lean on. It gives me the confidence to walk around in the body I was given and be comfortable. Fitness is not just an outlet but a lifestyle for me, it motivates me to get up every morning and to take the day on. By doing strongman competitions, it sets a goal for where I want my strength to be and gives me motivation in the gym to get my strength where it needs to be for competitions. It not only helps me physically, but mentally and socially as well. I moved to California from Massachusetts to get sober and really had no one. It was at a strongman competition where I met a group of awesome and amazing individuals that I continue to keep in contact with. It was also where I met the founder of Iron Resurgence, Jackson.

What are your fitness goals?

My fitness goals are very simple, to get my Pro Card as a strongman athlete. Which I will before I’m 30 years old ,so that gives me 4 years.I will make a respectful appearance in the California’s Strongest Man this year and that will gauge where I am and where I need to be.

What does IR mean to you? 

To me IR stands for something really important,and that is we are not staying silent anymore and letting our depression and anxiety build up until we can’t take it anymore. It shows that someone cares about all of our problems whether we were deployed or not, we all signed up to do the same thing and all may struggle from similar things. It’s putting a voice to a problem that needs to be addressed, that can’t go on silent any longer. Ive lost a lot of buddies from not just physical injuries but mental problems as well, that stayed silent because they didn’t want to look weak. This is a cornerstone to put an end to the stigma. IR provides an opportunity for men and women to save themselves and their own lives; an alternative to the use of any mind altering drugs to escape depression and anxiety.  


True Motion Human Performance

Movement is the best medicine for both the body and the brain to stay healthy, and True Motion was founded with that fact in mind. We are a company that keeps the body moving and the mind sharp through various types of therapy and fitness. Between our team of chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists, we use the best tools in physical medicine to get our clients moving better than they ever have before, or build them back up after an injury. The same is true of our fitness team, as our trainers regularly take a role of a movement coach or neural coach, to take our clients through the most effective strength building and mobility routines possible to make better movers out of everyone that we work with. 

We are educators, always making sure that we teach those that we work with how to become self-sufficient, so that once their goal is reached they can count on us to keep them on track when they need it, but not depend on it. We work with everyone from the professional athlete in need of maintenance, the olympic weight lifter dealing with old injuries, the weekend warrior in need of better biomechanics, or the person that needs to learn better movement after multiple concussions. We give it everything we have to help your brain function in better coordination with your body, and create a lasting change that lets you focus on living your life and not living in pain.

Why we support Iron Resurgence

Our primary philosophy on health at True Motion is that movement is the best medicine. We partnered with Iron Resurgence not only because they get people moving with strength building as their primary tool, they move them towards an overall healthy lifestyle and away from the opioid epidemic that plagues so many veterans. The brain is the most powerful weapon we have, and through strength building, community building, and eliminating pain, the brain operates at its highest level. A healthy mind is a necessary cornerstone for a disabled veteran that is seeking out a better future. We are proud to sponsor Iron Resurgence, as our values align toward building a better life for those that have risked it all to ensure our freedom. 

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Iron Resurgence Crest Tee

  • Front: Iron Resurgence logo

  • Back: Iron Resurgence Crest

  • 60% cotton, 40% polyester

  • 4.3 oz.

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Through Strength I Am Reborn

  • Front: Iron Resurgence logo

  • Back: Iron Resurgence Tag Line

  • 60% cotton, 40% polyester

  • Zip-up


Athlete Registration

Step 1: Download Event Registration/Waiver form here.

Step 2: Ensure Waiver form is e-signed (very important).

Step 3: Email completed forms to:

Step 4: Pay event registration fee via PayPal:

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Iron Resurgence Hat 

  • Embroidered Iron Resurgence Logo

  • Available in Black and Woodland Camo

  • One Size Fits Most (OSFM)

Snapseed 5.jpg

Iron Resurgence Sticker 

  • Die-cut Iron Resurgence logo

  • Rich vibrant colors

  • High-gloss finish

  • 2”x 2.25”


June 14 - 16, 2019

San Diego International Beer Festival - Del Mar Fairgrounds

Del Mar Fairgrounds
2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar, CA 92014


Roadmap Tax Services, Inc.

Roadmap Tax Services, Inc. is a tax planning, preparation, and representation firm dedicated to helping small business owners and veterans. 

A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point , CEO Jesse Lipscomb specializes in Tax Return Based Financial Planning.

A former “Master Fitness Trainer” in the Army, Jesse believes in IR’s strong body philosophy.

We are proud to support Iron Resurgence.



Jackson and his Team at Iron Resurgence work hard to ensure the veterans are able to overcome challenges through strength training. At A7, we believe in helping athletes reach their full potential. IR message really resonated with us because IR not only shares our vision of helping others, it also gives veterans the tools to become the best version of themselves. We are proud to partner up with Jackson and his Team to help build a better future for veterans and athletes from a variety of backgrounds. 





A7 x Iron Resurgence Bar Grip Shirt

You can wear this shirt proudly, as it has been labeled "The Honor Shirt" by our friends at A7. It depicts red, white and blue coloring, representing the colors of our great nation. On one sleeve, the signature IR logo, on the other, a forward charging flag. Service members wear this symbol on their uniforms every day to remind citizens and supporters that we as a fighting force are in constant forward motion towards any conflict, never in retreat and never considering surrender. The United States conducts itself with honor, and so does Iron Resurgence. By dawning this shirt, you display in full view your dedication to the betterment of our veteran community.

The Iron Resurgence A7 Collaboration Shirt signifies more than a simple purchase. By putting your confidence in Iron Resurgence's mission, you are pledging your support for the veteran population of this great nation. Every dollar of your purchase goes towards the logistics for planning and coordinating strength sports events that our veterans and supporters compete in.


Money raised at these events goes to the support of our partnering Non-Profit, Hunter 7. Hunter 7 is an organization comprised of a team of military medical professionals dedicating their time to researching burn-pit exposure effects to our troops while being deployed to combat zones. Every day, they get one step closer to having this condition recognized by the VA and military medical systems as a service-connected disability, but they need all of our help to continue funding their research.

By placing this order, you are not only gaining a crucial piece of training equipment, but a lifelong friend in Iron Resurgence. You are more than a "thank you for your service". You are patriot.

From now on, I've got your six. -Jack Reeves.