Spice Beast

The idea for Spice Beast was born from my inability to cook and the wanting to transform my poor eating habits. I was newly divorced and unable to feed myself beside take out, and dining alone was no fun, so it was easy to just order a pizza…..every day!

I wanted to be able to cook and eat clean but realized quickly that with no cooking skills, I kept eating the same bland meals. This clean eating stuff wasn’t going to last very long because I LOVE FOOD. Now food was my enemy and I hated eating clean and knew I couldn’t go back to who I was.

So I started dabbling in the spice aisle, and even tried some of those gourmet brands….yes I even used Flavor God (who ended up being my inspiration). Most of the stuff in the supermarket is filled with sugar, salt, or artificial fillers, and the gourmet brands just didn’t do it for me.

Alas, the Beast was born. 

Spice Beast was created so the guy like me can eat clean, have flavor, and not need a culinary degree.

Why we support Iron Resurgence

I am not a veteran or active duty, I chose a different path. The amount of respect I have for the people that willingly put their life on the line is unexplainable. To hear stories like Mr. Reeve’s crushes my soul. How can someone who gave all he had for us, not get it return. Not only are they not getting it in return, they are getting discarded. 

I would be proud to be a part of an organization that’s goal is to help repair what I feel is an obvious problem in our country, and to do it in the means of which they are doing it. This not only falls in line with my company’s message, but doing it through fitness and doing it ALL NATURALLY, is something that I stand behind 100%.