Hunter Seven

The issue was brought up in 2014 when I met my fiancé, an Army Iraq War Veteran who served from 2007-2008 in Iraq for 15-months. He told me about three of his friends who had died post-deployment, his best friend “Sully” from acute respiratory failure, his friend Shawn who died from AML and his SGM, Robert Bowman who died from a rare form of bile duct/liver cancer. SGM Bowman’s call-sign while in Iraq was HUNTER 7 – i.e. where our name comes from.

Because of this I began asking soldiers in my unit, asking friends, family, for pictures, stories, I began reading and looking into the who, what, where, why and how’s. In 2017 I began my academic medical research and formulated a 3-stage plan, conduct a literature review and formulate a hypothesis, create a survey based off of the current evidence and literature, conduct hard sampling testing to verify the statistical survey data and support the hypothesis.

After seeing how many veterans have been exposed in Iraq and Afghanistan, I decided with the help of a nursing professor/USAF LtCol OEF Flight Nurse and a PhD. Prepared Nurse that I would create “Hunter Seven” to provide a non-profit resource for veterans nationwide for services, information, assistance and as a hub to house information. Secondly, we began looking to change the law, H.R. 5671 and others related to burn pit exposures. We currently have the support from the State of Rhode Island Governors Office, the House of Reps and the RI State Senate.

Why we support Iron Resurgence

We as a team support the veterans’ health and promote health as our number one priority. The topic of substance use and overdoses in veterans is increasing and I personally believe this should be resolved in both a therapeutic and alternative means of treatment. Having the founder of IR being a veteran with service-connected issues and myself being a veteran exposed etc., I believe it provides us a “foot to stand on”. We also believe in fitness and healthy living, we are currently in partnership with Redcon1 supplements, a brand that focuses on more healthy, nonpharm methods of treatment, i.e. Fade Out – a sleep aid that focuses on melatonin and GABA. We believe Redcon1 would also be more than willing to get into a program like IR.